Ars Technica: Two months of daily GTA causes “no significant changes” in behavior.

Don't know why I bother to comment. Some want to use narrowly-focused, ill-aimed science to excuse guilty pleasures.

I'm done with this one, until science crafts a proper study. These were all well-adjusted adults. Not the demographic we see in mass shootings or expressions of armed rage. Noone I see claims these young men were created by violent gaming; it was a single factor in a multifarious confluence of factors. It surely didn't help their psychoses.

Correction: Only idiot politicians believe video games take an innocent and make them violent.

I say artificially created violence traumatizes some, energizes some, ennervates some. I've seen all three effects in my 58 years of life.

Not a study (yet) has the subtlety to tell the difference. Until I see what I routinely observe in the real world, this is just poking around the outskirts of the issue, as if afraid to delve too deep.

You're welcome to disagree; I just know what I see, have experienced.