Valet.: Three Common Bag Mistakes to Avoid.

I have the Handmadecraft briefcase. I carry my 15" Macbook in it, along with: a) a plastic lazy susan, for meeting with people at conference tables; b) optional Magic Mouse if the trackpad gets up my nose; c) recharger cable curled in a bag; d) Rhodia Dotpad No. 19, Rhodia graph paper 8x8" notebook (labelled for the particular client), various fountain/ballpoint pens and 0.9mm mechanical pencil (that size never breaks); e) a selection of protein bars; f) optional long USB cable for tethering to my camera(s).

My quick review: It's OK. The leather's thin, but I've abused mine for about a year now and it still looks roughly like it did when I bought it. The snaps are difficult to snap with gear inside. The outside pockets are all but useless; Ostensibly one is supposed to fit a cellphone, but if you're not carrying a small 2000-era flip phone, don't even try.

It carries what I need, for the car-to-coffee-shop walks, and looks appropriately weathered. The strap is long enough for across-the-body use, but not very comfy. If you're going to walk any distance, get a better pad for the top of your shoulder.

Conclusion: More 'hip' than the nylon competition.