Guardian.UK: Raising eyebrows – how evolution gave us expressive faces.

I suppose this is one of the bigger annoyances with modern television and movies. Actresses (mostly; men now do Botox too) who cannot raise an eyebrow. They look blank during crises. They look blank during emotional distress. They look blank when they are bored.

Arm flapping and shrieking doesn't really add anything to entertainment value. IMHO.

Go back about a dozen years, and observe foreheads. I'm serious - take the time. You'll be astonished. Try to imagine Mommy Dearest with Botox. Just try.

TLS: Hands Off – Is the ‘antiquated skill’ of handwriting about to die?

Trubek foresees a time in the US when those for whom writing by hand is a painful chore will be liberated from its tyranny and when no one need be judged by the quality of their script.

I suspect learning to write by hand well has significant benefits for general thinking and concentration, much as bodyweight pullups have physical benefits that go far beyond just the latissimus dorsi. It will be a sad day when handwriting gets replaced with the jiggery-pokery of typing on mobile devices.