Personal observation: Sugar content in yogurts.

I have been enjoying Siggi's yogurts of late. High protein, low sugar, that lovely real yogurt sourness. I don't think I can ever go back to 'regular' yogurt again. I needed a quick lunch, the local store was out of Siggi's, so I picked up a Chobani. 1/3 more sugar. Holy hell. That's a lot of sweet. And Chobani is lower than many others.

I just cannot do the whole 'sugar as cheap filler' foods anymore.

Nat Geo: This Tiny Country Feeds the World.

I was stunned when TJ's came to Santa Fe. Not the store itself, but that tomatoes from The Netherlands were cheaper and better than American varieties. I pondered about the shipping costs, the overall environmental impact ... because they must be air-freighted.

When you look at these overseas facilities, they make American agriculture look positively medieval.

MessyNessyChic: Oh to have Eaten at the Automat, Just Once.

But I did! When I worked in the art-deco Chanin Building (catty-corner from the Chrysler building) in the mid-80's, the Automat was just a short walk down 42nd. The food I got there was unremarkable, but certainly affordable. It was not a place I frequented; far past its prime. They had some great cookies, though. Closed in 1991.