CBS News: Harrowing survival story of college students rescued after being stranded on Adirondacks.

Popolizio is still struggling to walk because of the frostbite on her feet, and her teeth may be fractured from days of violently chattering from the cold.

Day hikers are usually the ones at most risk (not enough equipment to deal with changing conditions). Mountains and Mother Nature can be brutal. I know it's a bummer to have to carry extra stuff that you likely won't have to use, but it's not just prudent. It's necessary.

The Atlantic: Why Do Millennials Hate Groceries?

Because they prefer chips from CVS and going out to restaurants. And, increasingly, so do their parents.

Given what I see at the local drug stores, M's will be the size of houses ... with diabetes and hardened arteries. They all sell the finger-convenience-foods. Nothing nutritious. Well, perhaps some nut/granola bars.

Authority Nutrition: Is Whole Milk Better Than Low-Fat and Skim Milk?

The recommendation to avoid whole milk may have been popular in the past, but it isn’t supported by science.

If you didn't know. Though ... don't use it for a protein powder replacement. Works well in that capacity, but those of us in the vicinity will need clothespins for our noses (excess gas).

Bicycling: Elite's Quick Motion Rollers Serve Up a Stable, Quiet, Real-Feel Ride.

I love rollers. There's no training device better for policing your form; you'll thank them exponentially when passed within inches by a semitruck. But beware using them for too long. Had a friend who ground his groin into impotence on a set. Use a good seat, and get off it frequently.