New Yorker: The Chaste Optimism of “Love, Simon”.

... surely teen-aged viewers, who otherwise lose themselves in queer fan-fictions on Tumblr, who march on the street for their rights, could have handled a bolder artwork, one that captured something of gay love rather than making a statement about the straight acceptance of it?

Okay, hold on a second. Have you looked at this stuff on Tumblr? I've had the teeth practically shocked right out of my mouth. Sure, teens can handle more. But can the rest of America, is the question. The producers went *safe*. And I can't really blame them. This is more of a test, on their part. Pushing at the boundaries, see if they get poked back.

ArtDaily: My Lai massacre photographer laments US 'carnage' fifty years on.

Ronald Haeberle told AFP he started snapping instinctively, capturing the chilling photos that would later expose the full extent of the My Lai massacre: 504 Vietnamese dead in a single day, mostly unarmed women, children and older men.

Lessons for today, for those with ears to hear, eyes to see. We on the left talk about 'normalization', I think of the television evening news during the '60's and '70's. When we had a B/W television (not many had color in the 60's), the Vietnam War registered as flashes. You could sort of turn off your brain while those segments were aired. But once we had color televisions, we were parboiled in green (jungle) and red (blood) every night. I've always suspected the wider affordability of color television had a significant 'de-normalizing' effect. 

I think of other, more prominent 'normalizations' today. And wonder what it will take to lay bare the abnormalities in some sort of 21st Century technicolor?

Slate: David Brooks, Times conservatives obsess over “intolerant” campus left.

Explain to me why any college should let a card-carrying white supremacist or Nazi speak. "Open to other viewpoints" is not a valid argument - we defeated these people. These are philosophies that have been proven bankrupt and backward-looking.

But if you must, set up the stage as they did in The Blues Brothers. Heavy steel mesh. To expect any other sort of reception is criminal ignorance.

The Right is just extending their attack on education. The same old talking points, now broadcast en long en large by a tag-team.

For shame, Times. This is not being open to opposing opinions. This is sensationalist clickbait at its worst, and will harm America. So says the blogger who's been purposely avoiding Brooks since 2003.