Sen. Tim Scott: Bump stock ban “would fly through Congress”.

Media, stop reporting on this without context. You know as well as I do - and I've been hitting this frequently - Republicans want to throw bump stocks under the bus to show they're 'doing something'. Bump stocks are the mere hangnail of the firearm regulation/2nd Amendment issue.

Shame on the lefties who will drop talking about gun control in the aftermath of a bump stock ban. Keep pushing. You cannot let the Right use this as some sort of positive vibe for '18. This is more a clear signal of their intransigence, than their empathy.

naked cap: Why We Should Not Be Surprised Trump Could Do a Deal Over Nuclear Weapons with North Korea.

Rosenbaum opined: “if Trump gets his way with this, the way he does with other deals, it’s not inconceivable that history will look back on the Trump Plan’s acceptance as one of the few hopeful developments in the course of a miserable century.”

Some will lose their minds reading this. But you know my opinion. NK should not have been a football to pass from Administration to Administration. This has concerned me for a decade. Both sides of the aisle pushed it off as long as they could. If Trump's off-the-cuff strategy actually makes us safer, the left will just have to swallow it whole. Maybe we misread cultural cues, and a strong childish petulance is what was needed to deal with a bizarre authoritarian regime? Who knows. Historical scholars will sort this one out.

Axios: This time, SCOTUS gerrymandering case focuses on Democrats.

Both sides do it. Whenever they can. Now's the time to display your ethics. Is is always wrong, or only wrong when it's not your 'team' who's doing it?

Politics is not football. Voting should be fair for all citizens. If you're not booing this as you hoorahed the failure of Republican attempts in PA, you are losing the thread of basic civic decency that has been a foundation in America.

I don't mean to be such a scold at times. But really, people. Get a grip. Walk away from Twitter for a while. You've got to be tired of being reactionary three months in. I worry for your mental health, overall health. We old school bloggers have lived through a whole lot of similar historical misery (Bush/Gore, Iraq War, anyone?). Listen to us. Marshall your resources. Save your energies for tangible actions, don't waste them on impotent shrieking.

LRB: Cambridge Analytica.

Interviewed for one of the Channel 4 reports, she speaks of Cambridge Analytica’s ‘massive propaganda effort [which] affected the thought processes of voters’. And yet data analysis is at the heart of modern political campaigning. Clinton, after all, preferred to study data on Michigan from the comfort of her Brooklyn campaign office than actually to visit the state, even as panicking Michigan Democrats pleaded with her to spend time there in the final weeks.

Great analysis within, with a clear historical viewpoint. But I very much enjoyed this particular observation. Go ahead, continue to lionize your fallen heroine. But if you do so, you're setting aside vital critical thinking you'll need for '20. As this undeserved worship continues, I have less and less optimism for the Democratic Party as a whole. "But she's a woman!" So was Geraldine Ferraro. Go read about Gerry sometime. She was the harbinger.

Ideological lockstep is ridiculous. I support people who deserve my support. Those numbers are thinning.

But what's really good is this quote: "For that matter, to say that a Guardian reader consents to all the ways the Guardian uses their data (which they deposit every time they visit the website) is to misunderstand the essentially malleable nature of data itself. Its potential value and use emerges after one has collected it, not before."

We lapse into allowing our data on these services, but they can become weaponized against us after the fact. 

Makes you rethink all those lovely little smartphone-pingers you signed up for, no?