PS Blog: No More Light Painting Inside the National Parks?

I agree with the Park Service. Too many people doing it! And for what? A lot of middling-to-good images. It's not hard to do, and the effect is often stunning even when badly done - hence the popularity. I say this, and I'm a photographer and would love to play around in natural areas. But I don't. I respect that wilderness needs to stay wilderness. It's not just ruining the experience for other humans - the question is, what it is doing to the wildlife. The tyranny of technology is over the top, and needs mediation.

Later note: I hear people say, "Yeah, but they do it in the desert mostly. Nothing there." Ignorance. A square meter of desert contains more biodiversity than a square meter of East Coast forest.

SF New Mexican: Rancho Viejo residents heckle, walk out of Pilot Flying J meeting.

Coincidences strike me. First, we had our little road to Lamy repaved, then we found out oil concerns wanted to park oil tankers there (and would load/offload trucks, just by happenstance). That got sidelined by residents.

Now, they completely redo the NM14/Cerrillos Road and I-25 interchange (with mindbogglingly idiotic design that's confusing Santa Feans completely - yes, they switch northbound traffic to left lane and vice-versa), and now it becomes clear these 'improvements' were fast-tracked for this truck stop.

Something stinks to high heaven.

"Faith healing."

There's the third 'thanks' I've gotten from an acquaintance/friend. All had illnesses that were lingering. My cure? Vitamin D, and ... avoiding political or evening news. The stress is nearly killing some on the Left (and Right too, I'm sure).

I swear, it should be called "Trump Influenza."

Instead, look at local issues when stronger. Focus on things you have actual influence in.

Otherwise, you're just ramming yourself into a brick wall on an hourly basis and bruising yourself to death.

Dazed: Why 'To The Bone' is dangerous for anorexia sufferers like me.

There's a fear of triggering here. And the argument really is that such maladies should only be dealt with as prevention documentaries?

I do agree, we shouldn't be putting things in young minds. Anxiety/panic disorder's become a psychiatrist/pharmaceutical orgy; they beat a devastating path through preteens and teens right now. It's terribly easy to transmit, and the medicinal and behavioral addictions can destroy entire lifespans. Once you make someone 'aware' of panic and its symptoms, few have anything for you other than addicting short-halflife drugs. The only permanent fix is to face one's fears - to 'get over it.'

(My own theory, the old Outward Bound programs would be the best fix. Nothing like learning self-reliance in the wilderness. It's a confidence that stays with you.)