DP Review: Cinnac is a Tinder-style photo rating app that helps you discover your best photos.

Looks really interesting, at first blush. Certainly rating systems on 500px, Flickr and others are broken; other than "Editor's Choices", you would be poorly served to copy the most rated examples on any of those services. There are some folks who shoot the same photo over and over and over and never grow as photographers. Maybe Cinnac will break the cycle.


To a nuanced person, the entertainment industry is complicit in Lost Cause narratives. Name a non-Lost-Cause Civil War movie other than Cold Mountain. Hollywood's been feeding us golden romanticized Lost Cause flix since before Gone with the Wind.

Many conservative Southerners feel this recent knee-jerk is simply crazy. They've had their fantasies fulfilled even by reviled Hollywood ... "so how can it be suddenly wrong?!!" Deep South, the depredations of the carpetbaggers are still keenly felt. Suspicion of "Yankees" remains a thread throughout.

As opposed to what the news media seems to believe, America is not an amalgam. I am frankly surprised there isn't more opposition to having these monuments pulled down. Cities and states need to do more in explanation of these moves, and prepare better for the opposition that is to come.

The Rumpus.net: From The Editors - On Charlottesville And White Supremacy.

Let's not lose our perspective here. The "Silver Shirts" of the '30's numbered in the tens of thousands willing to be seen and counted as sympathizers. This was, by most accounts, 500 individuals. I will neither knee-jerk nor fear over a handful of twits.

What concerns me more is the militia's tacit support of twit 'free speech'. We don't want these fringes merging in any way, shape or form.


The internet is allowing the best counterstrategy of all: divide and conquer. No more can masses take to the streets anonymously. Smartphone camera as 'weapon of peace'?

William L. Shirer, at the end of Rise and Fall of the Third Reich said it best. Those powerful men who destroyed Europe, gathered in Nuremberg for trial, seemed a 'drab assortment of mediocrities.'

Take away the trappings, the dramatic scenes, the group dynamics ... and you have mundanes. Unmask them at home, in their workplaces. They scream and run like rabbits.

If you want to worship the Teppichfresser ('carpet-biter'), you can. It's a free country. But expect consequences for that worship. You are placing yourself on the demonstrably wrong side of history. Americans will never love you.

The militiamen who ostensibly supported "exercise of free speech", their grandparents who fought in WWII would whip their butts if they saw what went down. "Blood and Soil" is inseparable from Lebensraum, and the ethnic cleansing it espoused. Anti-American, anti-Constitutional. The patriotic thing to do would have been to pack up and march home.

Irony is, this is ostensibly all over the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. His distant relative, Rear Admiral Willis A. Lee, Jr., fought at Guadalcanal and helped win WWII against the Axis powers. One can easily imagine he would never rely on Nazis for defense of his family reputation ...

Metafilter: HyperCard at 30.

If there's one piece of software that hit computing like a nuclear bomb, disrupting everything at once, it's Hypercard. Even my late father built an entire law office management system (with a little help from QuickKeys) all by himself. Astonishing power in a very small footprint. Nothing else has ever come close. The computing 'Swiss Army Knife'.

New Scientist: Choosing alternative cancer treatment doubles your risk of death.

I have no doubts this is true; I'm concerned with what is most merciful. Chemotherapy is terrifically horrible. If one hasn't the strength to fight through conventional therapies, perhaps alternatives may be more merciful (ultimately). Both are, for the most serious cancers, just attempts to buy time. I simply posit: At what cost?

Electric Lit: Stop Using Autistic Characters as Plot Devices.

Our raw materials become the fodder for non-autistic creators who piece together characters based on our most noticeable and most stereotyped behaviors, or on a fiction — like the one I grew up with — of what autism means.

I'm reminded of my speech impediments, and seeing "A Fish Called Wanda." And yet, comedy can be so bloody accurate. After someone else says something fluently, we can often mimic the block-word, whereas we cannot originate a block-word. That look on Michael Palin's face after he successfully repeats the phrase! Someone intimately acquainted with stuttering wrote and coached - patently obvious to a sufferer like myself.