The Cut: Isabella Rossellini Will Reappear in Lancôme Ads This Year.

And here I was just talking with a friend, about how youth-oriented most of the online world is. I was mentioning how many conceptual women photographers have disappeared, because age has robbed them of their vital traffic-attractant. But this! I applaud this. In fact, I will stand up right now and applaud. There's noone here to hear it, but I still think it matters. You still look great, Ms Rossellini.

[Note, these images are taken by my current obsession, Peter Lindbergh, who actually prefers to capture women without makeup. Usually in B/W. Seeing his work makes me want to either 1) shoot until I equal his prowess or 2) crawl under a rock and give up. Depending on the day. I just need more willing models who won't get bored while I noodle with lighting, poses and setting.]

Marginal REVOLUTION: Is America as polarized as you think?

The comments devolve in typically modern fashion. Look at the original posted study. We may be no more polarized than normal; it's simply weak study participation. Or ... it could be that science is fooling itself again (whichever way you parse it). 

In person, I see lots of angry people. Less talking, more stonewalling than normal. But even the hardest stone wall gets worn down. Say, by repeated mass shootings. The walls eventually 'come a-tumblin' down.'

[Sorry, I didn't intend italics. Squarespace lost its mind on that one. It's Friday night, and I'm too damned lazy to recreate it from scratch.]


Serious shade?

Since Chris Cornell passed, the Spotify playlist of his work "This is: Chris Cornell" has seen heavy rotation here in the studio. I couldn't have survived the last few months without him (bummer that I only truly appreciated him after he was gone). They periodically update the listing with tracks as they rise in popularity. Well, there's been backchannel talk about Cornell's marriage, that these factors might have played into his suicide.

Listen to what Spotify put first in the queue. Or am I reading into the lyrical terrain too deeply?

Inside Higher Ed: Cooper Union plans to restore free undergraduate tuition in a decade.

During their 'free tuition' period in the 80's and 90's, the assistants I would hire who had CU backgrounds were all of very high quality. Even compared to Parsons, Pratt, FIT or Manhattan Institute of Tech.

Just goes to show. Affluence has no relationship to actual talent.

Business of Fashion: The Brand-Influencer Power Struggle.

But in all cases, authenticity is key, and the consensus is that long-term relationships are crucial.

You should have listened to little ol' dangerousmeta!. If you create a second, false persona ... your life will be sheer hell. Authenticity is your best strategy, long term. As I said in my '12 years of Blogging' piece back in 2011 (dog years ago): 

"What are we, but a complex beautiful messy amalgam of wishes, hopes, wants, desires, dreams, psychoses, fears ... all these things and more? What makes you unique? What makes you different? Strut. Wax eloquent. Moan and groan, if necessary. People love Eeyore, A.A. Milne’s chronically depressed donkey. Surely they’ll at least like you."

I should turn that post into a book. What do you think? [Except for the "Gripes" part. I was pissed at Twitter at the time. A lot of pressure to dump the blog and become a Twitter maven back then. I just couldn't do it.]

Link via Ann Street Studio on Instagram.

Euan Semple: Why I love Facebook.

Euan gets good discussions going on FB. But I suspect he's using a feature I never really paid attention to until now - friend lists. I think (think, because I've never bothered to look into it) one can click on a 'friend list' (I have a 'blogger' list), and just post to that subset of people.

I need to check this with my local social expert, @MarlitaH ... who will no doubt tell me "Of course you can." And I'll feel like an butthead for not realizing.

Up until now, I thought Euan had mastered some sort of alchemical way to get magic results out of Facebook. Maybe I can see my way to liking Facebook more, if I can leverage this concept. Thanks, Euan!

Youtube: Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War - Official Trailer.

Second trailer is out. The Russo brothers, if past trailers are any indication, throw chronological continuity out the window in trailers and love leading us to conclusions that are ultimately false. This trailer hints heavily at Thor, Strange, Stark and Rogers meeting ends here; which to me indicates the truth is not this. It's human nature to try to construct meaning out of such things. In this case, don't. Wait for the movie. And simply enjoy the spectacle.

NY Times Review: ‘Tomb Raider’ and the Perils of Blockbustering.

... she often seems to be trying too hard; at times you can almost see her thinking about the marks she needs to hit. You see the strain, not the play.

I had my doubts about the casting after the first trailer. (Previously.)

Later: Given all the noise online, I felt I should clarify. This critique has nothing whatsoever to do with boobs; it's about casting Lara Croft with a young lady who looks like someone's kid sister. Like casting a young Ron Howard to play Indiana Jones. Keira Knightly could have pulled off Lara more believably, if you're in the 'kid sister' sort of vein. I'd prefer the arch of ironic eyebrow, every so often. More in keeping with the character. But that's me.

Guardian.UK: It's 50 years since climate change was first seen. Now time is running out.

I hate to say it, but our only hope may be an epidemic. I would be very surprised if certain countries aren't already working in this vein (dump an engineered virus on another country, vaccinate 'ours').

There is no self-control among industrialized nations. Nothing will work until we control population.

(Sorry, but by the end of each news week, I get more and more cynical. A part of me says I shouldn't even think this stuff, because somehow someone else will twig on these ideas and run with them.)