Vox: Wonder Woman’s ‘No Man’s Land’ was the best superhero moment of 2017.

Vox is correct, and yet wrong. I teared up for women watching this scene; I can understand the visceral power.

BUT. WW tracked the plot of Captain America: The First Avenger so closely, I could barely suspend disbelief. This No Man's Land walk would, I believe, parallel Steve's first public attempt at heroism - the bad CGI I call "rubber Steve" running around NYC. There's no question No Man's Land is better. But if you include the Erskine transformation reveal as the lead-in to the 'rubber Steve' scene, I'd rate them similarly (reveal of superheroeness, then testing their superpowers). Of course, CA:TFA is not 2017. But that transform was pretty dramatic at the time - I recall a similar thrill.

Yet I think this WW scene missed on three points. One, Chris Pine overemphasizing the "No Man" dialogue. I immediately tensed up, sensing an upcoming cheese-fest. "We got it the first time you said it, Chris." Second, the outfit Gal Gadot is wearing makes her look terribly knock-kneed after she climbs out of the trench. I had a similar problem when old films tried to make Michael Caine look cool. His knees rubbed so close, he looked like an "X' from the front. Not a power pose. She needed more quad work, or a better camera angle for this. I would have tried a profile shot; perhaps they feared comparison with 300 if they did so. Third, WW is ultimately pinned down by the machine gun, needing aforementioned 'men' to help her; good thing there were a few men in No Man's Land. I expect this was planned as a testing of her abilities, doubt overcoming her at this first challenge. But still. I would have liked to see her blow through this entirely on her own - face her doubt, push through without male help. Would have been more empowering, much better than the self-realization crapfest last battle with Ares (completely overblown - and hey, big scary airplane with lethal bombs like Captain America!). After the film was over, and I thought about that scene, I couldn't help but think, "What would Antiope (Robin Wright) have done?!!" Self-doubt and wait for the guys? HELL NO.

So in my view yes, GREAT, but could have been MUCH BETTER.

And I want an Antiope standalone film, a prequel of sorts.

DP Review: Trump administration reinstates mandatory drone registration.

Operators in the U.S. must register their drone if it weighs between 0.55lbs and 55lbs. The FAA's registration website currently states, "You will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you meet the criteria to register an unmanned aircraft and do not register."

Yes. No. YES. Make up your damned minds. I agree with registration, BTW. People are being very careless with drones (bladeguards if you fly anywhere near humans and animals).

You'd think that, with all the concerns about what drones can do ... the same tightly focused concerns might also be applied to firearms. But there's no commonsense anymore.