Taos News: State Police raid site near Costilla.

Local color. Some local rags are playing this up as 'militarization'. This is the one situation where it might actually be appropriate. About 25 years ago, two families started contesting a property marker in northern NM. They were so well-armed, the State Police just sat and waited for them to run out of ammo. I think 'patience' needs more emphasis in crisis-responder manuals.

SF New Mexican: U.S. travel industry fears another ‘lost decade’ under Trump.

Whenever 'state tourism' is mentioned, Longwoods International is the only source referenced. When 'healthcare' is mentioned, only Kaiser is referenced.

Investigative reporters, don't you see a story when it hits you in the face (every damned day)? Do you know the dangers of monopolies? Anyone with a knowledge of scientific method should balk at single-sourcing info. Yet noone even cheeps in the darkness.

Aeon: It wasn't just hate. Fascism offered robust social welfare.

You know, there's an interesting phenomenon I'm noticing among my right-wing friends/acquaintances. They are being sold the bill of goods that 'fascism' is incorrectly tagged as a far-right philosophy, and is actually ('in reality') a far-left philosophy. Quotes like this don't help: "Fascists insisted that states could and should control capitalism, that the state should and could promote social welfare, and that national communities needed to be cultivated."

Yeah, I know. But I think to have a discussion about this, those preconcieved (and very wrong) notions need to be dealt with first.