Why yes, I have been writing online since 1999. Where are these mythical archives, you say? Because I'm choosing to completely recast the entire blog, I'm moving my archives to Acrobat PDF. Just easier the whole way around. Why keep 'em in a database where they can get corrupted? Until then ...

The pre-2003 archives are here:

  • 2003, january - august 9.
  • 2002, january - december.
  • 2001, january - december.
  • 2000, january - december.
  • 1999, end of december.

The pre-October 2016 archives are temporarily here, in my old Expression Engine 1 install:

The Acrobat PDF of my post-Userland, post-Zope archives, from August 2003 to October  2016, is here:

  • Coming soon, I promise. I didn't expect my EE 1 to go belly up, so I need to find time in my very busy fall/winter production schedule to get my archives put together properly.