Grab my OPML file.

I gift my sources to my readers, so you won't miss out on the linkage I used to peruse. In this, I am kinder to you than news orgs have been to myself. I used to ply over 1000 unfocused feeds; I recently winnowed it down to just over 300 well-focused ones. This gives me around 1200 individual items to sift through on a given morning (I had my methods for speeding things up).

There are distinct reasons behind each of these choices - the selections may not please you in some aspects. I ply both sides of the political aisle for verification purposes, as well as hitting many different creative niches for curiousity's sake. The creative links reflect my thinking a while ago; these would change on a weekly basis. I also use some sources as 'aggregators within my aggregator' ... meta-aggregation. I'd explain the process, but I'd rather have the opportunity to include it in a book (if I eventually generate such).

Though you may think some links rudimentary, my secret sauce was always the three "C's" ... CHOICE, CONTEXT, and CHARACTER. One can express strong unequivocal opinion with just link choices; that was my unique talent over all others. If you reuse these, do dangerousmeta! proud.

There's just one condition. I'd simply like to know who's downloading this, and if you'll let me know what your purpose is (replacing DM!, curiousity, etc.), I'd appreciate it!

Your email is only for me, to recognize who you are. It will never be folded, spindled, mutilated or SOLD.


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