Thinking about the re-release of "2001: A Space Odyssey" ...

You know, after watching that film (I was around nine years old), I had a hunger for more space films. But what I received, barring Silent Running, was space westerns. Gun/laserfights. Battles. When what I wanted was more about the great silent mystery of space, the beauty, the immensity.

The only visual that's come close to what I wanted then, is that shot from Guardians of the Galaxy where the Milano enters the giant alien construct in space.

I could watch that scene on repeat for hours. I think we all missed a cue, y'know?

99U: Vince Kadlubek, on Running out of Project Money, and Needing More to Finish.

We operated for a year with a constant pressure of running out of money. We never had more than two weeks worth of cash on hand. One time our bank was overdrawn and I had 100 artists to pay; $75,000 was needed. I had to make some really difficult phone calls.

He must have deep-pocketed financiers. But then again, just about anyone will shell out for a George R.R. Martin sponsored production. To give you backstory, galleries open and close here quite frequently, all in similar financial situations - albeit with fewer artists to wrangle. If the 'bet' doesn't pay off, you can guess who goes home with empty pockets. Even prosperous galleries and art collectors have the cojones to bargain over price with extremely talented artists who are, quite literally, on food stamps. Kudos to Meow Wolf and Kadlubek for making sure everyone got paid.

Tour outfits in Santa Fe occasionally get on a "always ask in the gallery if this is their BEST PRICE." I really want to give them a swift kick in the rear. NM True! Yeah, uh-huh.