CBS: Two airline pilots report seeing UFO while flying over Arizona.

... the FAA in Albuquerque alerts American Airlines Flight 1095 to keep an eye out for an object in the sky as they fly towards San Diego. Less than a minute after the warning, Flight 1095's pilot radios in that his plane was just passed by the UFO.

Autoplay video warning. Close to home! I have friends in town here who have a cabin up in the Pecos Wilderness. They claim they've seen these silver reflective shapes appear many a time. No fear, just wonderment. And the enjoyment of telling a really good story. Always at night.

Just plain mean-spirited.

Ever notice, if you click on a Washington Post article in an RSS aggregator, you can read the title, read the summary ... but if you open the page, WaPo takes you to their home page ( for their $1 access fee 'ask', with the page you want barely visible and the actual specific URL obliterated? If you don't pony up, you can't even grab the URL to the article unless you dig back in your RSS feed (time consuming).

Bloggers used to be a value-add, bringing more eyeballs in. Bah. I'm going to drop WaPo from my NEWS list, to my PROBATION list.

Another prime source of good info out of reach. I used to post based on their summaries; now it'll take too much time. Another that I have to observe, then triangulate second-quality sources to try to attract eyeballs with. We still have AP, though the writing's uneven.

I have no problems with news orgs charging for access. They could offer some creative methods for bloggers like myself to access their wares, but I suppose blogs like mine are dodo birds in this day and age. I do not pay for subscriptions because I want to accommodate all my readers, affluent or not. It is getting hard, very hard to find and use quality free sources. I strongly feel that as a voting citizen of the US, a human on this changing globe, a certain 'minimum' amount of news should be free. You shouldn't have to pony up $10/month ... or even $1 for a digital peek ... to find out Kim's launched a missile at your home town, or Vlad's made someone local a big (glowing) green salad.

Thank goodness for the Guardian in Britain. I just contributed. You should, too.

Pacific Standard: How Exactly Does a Bridge Collapse?

Ask a kid, if you can't figure it out. "Fall down, go boom." That's generally the way. If the engineering was solid, obviously a component was not made to spec or unplanned-for stresses overloaded the structure.

I've talked about 'Plastic Steel' having been used to build out attachments on prestressed concrete items in previous posts. You can imagine what goes on with lowest-bidder construction these days.

"Really Complex."

Bought a copy of "Real Simple" mag yesterday. Cracked it open, saw "The Only Cleaners You Need". Began to read, expecting clever riffs off eco-friendly vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar's there, but I was gobsmacked when they proceeded to list TWENTY SEVEN different branded products. Formula 409? Liquid Gold?

Simple has a new meaning, methinks. You need a PhD to even clean your bog; I didn't get the memo. Save the Earth from all these chemicals! I now desire a composting toilet.

A suggestion for the NRA.

Can you have your members hunt down those folks who post on Craiglist, wanting hires to answer phones, use Photoshop at a high level, program PHP and Javascript, create Michelangelo-like Powerpoint and Prezi presentations, walk dogs, make coffee ... and compensate for a 'generous' $15/hour? Please?

Terribly bad joke, of course. But such people need to be pulled up short. I used to earn $18/hour as a temp in 1984. You who do this should all be ashamed, ostracized ... cast out from civilized society. If this is a harbinger of the 'gig economy', I can tell you exactly who is getting 'gigged' and who is doing the 'gigging.'

Later: If you don't understand the reference ...