Ars Technica: Drone crashes in Arizona National Forest, starts a wildfire.

A vector of risk I hadn't thought of. Given our drought status, drones and forests may end up being a deadly mix. I'd recommend operators have buckets, shovels, and a 5 gallon container of water available, but likely not even that would be enough given how tinder-dry we are. A ban might be in order over BLM and National Forest land. You'll piss off the social media 'influencers', but who cares? It's the landscape we must live in and with.

DP Review: Samyang unveils 'premium' XP 50mm F1.2 lens for 50MP sensors and 8K capture.

Great, but remember you have to manually focus these things. At F1.2, that's not a minor consideration. Modern DSLRs don't have the special microprism finder screens you saw in film cameras. You'll likely need to use the LCD screen on the back of the camera, and turn on 'zebras' if you can ...

Atlas Obscura: The Final Ride of the Mail Robots.

I've told the story in the past of my encounter with a mail robot at Upjohn Headquarters in Kalamazoo. I saw it rolling, thought it had gotten away from someone (the fact the carpeted floor was level should have tipped me off). I ran and tackled it, trying to stop it from rolling ... every secretary and administrative assistant came out to start hitting me with folders, binders ...

My only excuse is, I'd never seen one in my life before. So I'm a yokel. What else is new? No damage done, thankfully.