PS Mag: 'Segregation's Constant Gardeners' - How White Women Kept Jim Crow Alive.

This bothers me. Brought up a memory I had not thought about for nearly a decade. I remember the mother of one of my 60's classmates exclaiming, after her child was touched by one of my black friends, "Don't touch, the black doesn't wash out." And this was in suburban New Jersey, not the deep South.

I hope that expression is never used again, ever.

The Intercept: When Soldiers Patrol the Border, Civilians Get Killed

As I sadly must repeat (for how many years now) that the military is trained to use lethal force as a deterrent. Police are not trained in this fashion (though that is changing swiftly for the worse). We've seen this on the border before, we've seen it in the policing of Iraq.

People have died. People will die. Because we perceive them as "other", noone will raise their voice with the vehemence required, I suspect. Public opinion will only move when the first child is killed - or will they? It will have brown skin. "Other."

Sen. Tim Scott: Bump stock ban “would fly through Congress”.

Media, stop reporting on this without context. You know as well as I do - and I've been hitting this frequently - Republicans want to throw bump stocks under the bus to show they're 'doing something'. Bump stocks are the mere hangnail of the firearm regulation/2nd Amendment issue.

Shame on the lefties who will drop talking about gun control in the aftermath of a bump stock ban. Keep pushing. You cannot let the Right use this as some sort of positive vibe for '18. This is more a clear signal of their intransigence, than their empathy.

Dissent Mag: The Collective Power of #MeToo.

The reason for telling stories about men we thought were “good” is not to permanently etch their names into some list of “shitty men,” though the lack of real justice means those lists are often all we get. The reason is for us to understand deep in our bones that there are no “good” and “bad” men or “good” and “bad” people. To repair the harms done is going to take change from all of us. We can’t just pat ourselves on the back for not being as bad as Weinstein.

The initial extremes of anger seem to be abating. Yes, I'm a male. I grew up in red-blooded full-throated patriarchy. I routinely use phrases and act in ways that are disrespectful through today's lens. To be honest, even through yesterday's lens; my old man fought in WWII, an era and ethic that has died off. I have autopilot reactions, things I mimicked from him because he was my father; there is no conscious thought or personal ill-will behind them, they are reflexes and simply need disruption. I appreciate when people point them out. I don't get angry.

I was writing an article over the weekend, and started to use 'hysteria' in a description. In light of #metoo, I realized (given an extensive background in Latin) that term is now more outmoded than ever, should only be used in very specific limited range.

I crossed it out and replaced it with 'deranged'. 

Cultural change always starts small, with individuals. Women can lead the male horses to water and try to make them drink, but the changes will only start when men become self-aware of their behaviors.

Guys, we have to try. Harder.

naked cap: Millennials Are Waiting For The End Of Capitalism.

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, some 66 percent of Americans between the ages of 21 and 32 have nothing saved for retirement.

When I see skilled work-for-hire gigs on Craiglist offering to 'generously pay' $3.00/hour less than the $18.00 hourly rate I worked at as a temp in 1985, when king-cab Toyota pickups were $7995 ... is it ANY WONDER? Working America needs to wake up and smell the Scrooge.