Serious shade?

Since Chris Cornell passed, the Spotify playlist of his work "This is: Chris Cornell" has seen heavy rotation here in the studio. I couldn't have survived the last few months without him (bummer that I only truly appreciated him after he was gone). They periodically update the listing with tracks as they rise in popularity.

Well, lately there's been backchannel talk about Cornell's marriage, that these factors might have played into his suicide.

Listen to what Spotify put first in the queue.

Or am I reading into the lyrical terrain too deeply?

Dazed: Taylor Swift’s new video branded a ‘knock off’ of Kenzo’s Spike Jonze ad.

Look on the bright side? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Remember, it's likely not Swift herself producing/designing these. She's probably presented with like three design 'directions', and she chooses the one she wants to go with. So careful with the critiques.

Open Culture: Hear Rick Wakeman's Musical Adaptation of Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, "One of Prog Rock's Crowning Achievements".

This is one of those albums I'd look at in the record bin at the U-Store, and try to decide whether it was worth my hard-earned $. I mean, Rick Wakeman! Journey to the Center of the Earth! Budgets for kids weren't what they are today. I never did. I bought the latest Elton John instead.

Later: Listening to it now, it's sort of like Peter and the Wolf for hippies.

Digital Trends: The history of the CD’s rise and fall.

Brothers in Arms? Yeah, I suppose so. If you were addicted to pop. But only certain albums got pressed on CD in the early days. The stunners were White Winds, Andreas Vollenweider and Harlequin, Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour. Spin those today, I still get chills and can remember exactly where I was when I heard them on quality CD playback.

Here's Harlequin's lead track. Ivan Lins singing. Always incredible.

White Winds, I can only find (ironically) the vinyl version on YT.