Archaeology News Network: Bird populations in French countryside 'collapsing'.

Kinda the wrong photo to illustrate this with. Starlings are not the most beneficial of birds. I'm going out of my way to support my local bird populations - I suggest you do as well. If nothing else, a consistent source of water. The robins are moving through right now - poop all over my stucco courtyard walls. Have to take a hose out before the walls start looking like Jackson Pollock.

Weather drama.

Thundersnowhaboob just hit. Flung my garbage cans about 30 feet down the yard. I went out to retrieve them, but I'm leaving them wedged together on the ground. I can't fight the wind, and the combo of flying snow/rain/dust/dirt/rocks in the face is pretty nature-dystopian ("Really, Mother Nature?") and rather painful. I practically tossed my cookies getting back in the house. Holy cow, this is crazy. Never seen anything like this in my near two decades in Santa Fe.

Later: Went back out to fix things during a 'lull', and had my own recycling can attack me. Should've had a video trained on the yard. Probably looked like a giant plastic green dinosaur trying to gobble ol' Garret. Screw this. I'm waiting until it passes.

Even later: Blew Sandra's glasses right off her face. Peeled them away. Astonishing.

Ars Technica: Drone crashes in Arizona National Forest, starts a wildfire.

A vector of risk I hadn't thought of. Given our drought status, drones and forests may end up being a deadly mix. I'd recommend operators have buckets, shovels, and a 5 gallon container of water available, but likely not even that would be enough given how tinder-dry we are. A ban might be in order over BLM and National Forest land. You'll piss off the social media 'influencers', but who cares? It's the landscape we must live in and with.

Atlas Obscura: Winterthur – Winterthur, Delaware.

If you live back East, and you've not yet taken in Winterthur, you absolutely must. Esp. if you love antiques and gardening. The gardens - a point not mentioned in this article - are built so that there are blooms throughout the year. The garden is laid out in a circle, and each of four segments bloom in the appropriate season. It is a stunning piece of work, the nature of which is only seldom attempted in our modern times.