Guardian.UK: Billy Graham was on the wrong side of history.

... when his influence really would have counted, when he could have effected real change, real social transformation, he was too locked into last-days fearmongering to recognize the potential of the state to do good. We are all paying the price.

Thanks to certain beloved Southern Baptist relations, I've sat through more than one of his television epics when I was in my 20's. My take: his broadcasts were always riveting, but when it came to using his prescriptions out in the real world, his own followers wouldn't practice what he preached. 

This was the '80's, of course, when Tipper Gore was in full anti-rock-music shred; Graham sat back and loved to relate (I paraphrase): "I'm not concerned. Teens have been doing this for hundreds of years. Eventually they'll all get haircuts." Grunge was just around the corner; shorter haircuts in general, even darker messages. But no makeup.

Later: Interestingly, he did a TED talk. In the late '90's, right as weblogging was starting up. Scoop in at 10:00, and think about today's social media, esp. in political commentary. And what 'evangelicalism' stands for today.

The New Yorker: Can Evangelicalism Survive Donald Trump and Roy Moore?

Am I the only one to notice, there are no conservatives, there are no evangelicals? Not by 'originalist' definitions. They're now "Republichristians". Christianity only insofar as it does not conflict with the overriding political ideology-du-jour of the multifaceted Republican Party. Republican only as long as it opposes abortion, Planned Parenthood, and modern jurisprudence. Authoritarian theocracy is what they want. American Puritanism shows its damned ugly face again.

Catapult: Islamophobia - A self-inflicted terror on a plane.

This is what ignorance does to people.

I once had a passel of born-in-Manhattan, never-been-anywhere-but-urban-areas coworkers in my car, when we drove out of the range of streetlights, and my high beams hit cows in the dark. The heads turned, the eyes glowed ... and every single one of my passengers began freaking the hell out. Screaming, writhing. I had to get them back to streetlit streets, stop at a 7/11, so they could calm down.

Thinking back to that time in the '90's, I realize I'd taken a wrong turn and was heading towards the Rust Belt. Telling.

To 'ignorance', I will add 'irrational fear' and 'deficit of experience'. Add your own.