FiveThirtyEight Election Update: Yes, Donald Trump Has A Path To Victory.

It’s true that Trump would have to make a breakthrough somewhere, by winning at least one state in Clinton’s firewall. But that’s why it’s not only reasonable but 100 percent strategically correct for Trump to be campaigning in states such as Michigan and Wisconsin. (I’ll grant that New Mexico is more of a stretch.)

If you see it as important as many of us do, you must work on turnout NOW, not when the polls look worse. I used the above quote, because the local paper said "Trump Electrifies Voters" when he visited Albuquerque the other day. I happened to watch a few minutes of the event. That headline was a complete mischaracterization. He offered the same old shpiel, with the same tired rhetoric. Badly delivered, but paced for audience response. Still the hateful, divisive stuff the media is exhausted of reporting - but they don't do their duty if they don't continue to call it out. The audience in the hangar was certainly jazzed. But it did not resonate beyond. The media is complicit in keeping this a horserace, instead of a slam-dunk. Beware, beware the Bush/Gore result.

To think we're reduced to waiting for the 'outrage du jour', the 'gaffe of the hour', to subsume our candidates, instead of having soaring and hopeful policy rhetoric.