Public Books: Gun Studies Syllabus.

Well, if we want to have a clear picture of all the issues, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to start. Week 2 especially interests me. I've read most of these over time, but could sure use refreshing the old grey matter with this particular focus in mind.

Bookmark this one. You'll need it when the next mass shooting happens (and I'm terribly sad to have to say that).

naked cap: The American Healthcare System Shows Why We Can’t Trust Free Market Spin Doctors.

Because the biggest savings associated with single-payer come from reduced payments to service providers, the switch would require American doctors and administrators to work for significantly less than they currently earn. But how painful would those sacrifices be?

Many I know went into healthcare to help people, not necessarily to feather their nests. If the overall emphasis changes from the current model, would not the former make for better healthcare? I constantly hear physicians complaining about how things are currently, the lack of time to diagnose patients properly, the excessive electronic records documentation to collect insurance billings, etc.  It points strongly (to me) that they'd like to simply do their jobs and return to their domiciles at the end of a workday with feelings of accomplishment.

TG's Political Wire: Paul Ryan's Party Is Over.

They said Trump was 'over', multiple times, going way back. I think a more historical view than the current reactionary one (that attracts clicks), is a better way to view all this.

Or am I the only one imagining some sanctimonious Presidential run by Ryan, offering to 'restore the soul of the Republican Party'? Those dewy eyes, appealing to red-state voters ... ? The lonely widows chucking their retirement leavings at him, much as men do at strip clubs?

The Intercept: When Soldiers Patrol the Border, Civilians Get Killed

As I sadly must repeat (for how many years now) that the military is trained to use lethal force as a deterrent. Police are not trained in this fashion (though that is changing swiftly for the worse). We've seen this on the border before, we've seen it in the policing of Iraq.

People have died. People will die. Because we perceive them as "other", noone will raise their voice with the vehemence required, I suspect. Public opinion will only move when the first child is killed - or will they? It will have brown skin. "Other."

NY Review of Books: The Question of Hamlet.

It’s hard to think of another work whose interpretations so uncannily identify what the play calls the “form and pressure” of “the time.”

Related to this, another link: Atlantic, How Roseanne Divides the Left. Do you not remember the "Dukes of Hazzard", "Carter Country", etc.? Television shows throw us programming in what they decide is the flavor of our culture, as channelled through the stereotyped personality of our Presidents. Some have pointed to things like Trip Tucker's resemblance ["Star Trek: Enterprise"] and accent to George W. Bush.