"Shock event."

If you lean Left, you'll probably see a post on this subject in your social feeds, discussing 'shock event' as if it were a mainstay of historical theory. If you dig for 'shock event' on the internet, you won't find anything. But you will eventually find references to Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" from 2007. The whole 'shock event' thing is not widely accepted, from what I can tell.

If you find anything different, let me know. I'm interested. The original post on social channels comes off as Right-wing style conspiracy/paranoia, draped over the frightened Left.

As I've pointed out before, beware who you mortgage your opinions from. Never more important than today.

Later: If you folks think these executive orders are 'intentional shock events' for diaphanous 'nefarious purposes', I have news for you. I don't think they ever believed there would be this much attention given to them. I think they have much bigger plans. This is pocket-change. As I've intimated before, you'd best save your strength for the bigger battles that loom.