Tamed by teleprompter?

Here we go again. I believe the Right made a vow to never take a teleprompted speech at face value. Today they celebrate. Again. Only this time some media join them. "He stayed on script." "Presidential." Exactly what the Right hated about Obama, now a point of pride. Ah's me. Same old politics.

I don't particularly care about the words. Anyone with half a brain can repeat words from a 1/4-silvered piece of glass. I look for actions.

I do sincerely appreciate the effort to not terrify the hell out of half the country, but it's about 100 days late. It'll take a year before the media calms to anything near a normal level - and that's only if this base level is maintained.

Catch your breath for a second; the rollercoaster will continue, because everyone seems to want that reality. It's making folks a whole lot of green (in the face, in the pocketbook ...).