TLS: Hands Off – Is the ‘antiquated skill’ of handwriting about to die?

Trubek foresees a time in the US when those for whom writing by hand is a painful chore will be liberated from its tyranny and when no one need be judged by the quality of their script.

I suspect learning to write by hand well has significant benefits for general thinking and concentration, much as bodyweight pullups have physical benefits that go far beyond just the latissimus dorsi. It will be a sad day when handwriting gets replaced with the jiggery-pokery of typing on mobile devices.

The Register.UK: Parents blame brats' slipping school grades on crap internet speeds.

The most popular devices for doing homework online included laptops (61 per cent), tablets (54 per cent) mobile phones (37 per cent), followed by games consoles and smart TVs (both 11 per cent). Hmmmm.

And politicians guide their platforms by this kind of dreck, via interpretation through ideological specs. "BOOKS!" I feel like shouting.

Later: Finland trials teaching assistant robots.

CBS: Maryland school shooting — Austin Wyatt Rollins was in relationship with victim that ended recently, police say.

Letting young adolescents get near weapons has never been a great idea. The brain, shocked by the flood of new hormones, just doesn't work right. Remember after Endless Love, 1981, the spate of house fires from lovelorn teens deciding to copy the movie? So now today, we have 'mass shooter' copycats. I fear this may not be the only one. Parents, talk to your adolescents about reasonable responses to unrequited love. I think many have 'lost the thread' ...

Inside Higher Ed: Cooper Union plans to restore free undergraduate tuition in a decade.

During their 'free tuition' period in the 80's and 90's, the assistants I would hire who had CU backgrounds were all of very high quality. Even compared to Parsons, Pratt, FIT or Manhattan Institute of Tech.

Just goes to show. Affluence has no relationship to actual talent.

WaPo: T. Berry Brazelton, pediatrician who soothed generations of parents, dies at 99.

T. Berry was the real deal; he was changing the bedrock of child/parent relationships. My mother got to meet him in person, enjoyed every second. Didn't go as far as James Hillman, philosophy-wise (my favorite Jungian), but he got close. He understood and agreed with our philosophy that adopted children should not be cut bodily away from their birth families, that new structures need to be created to accommodate the child's needs first.

RIP, good sir. Kids who do not know you, significantly benefitted from your work.

Nice Marmot: Buggering on ...

I never got on with "Wrinkle." But YA - what about Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat series? I got a whole lot of enjoyment from those in early high school. Originally written more than ten years before I got to 'em. '61, I think. "Slippery Jim" diGriz. Fond memories. Haven't reread them since. Next zoom to the local library, I'll check to see if they have 'em - though I'll want to scan them first. Some things should be left in childhood, so as not to ruin the memories.

Open Culture: Hear Rick Wakeman's Musical Adaptation of Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, "One of Prog Rock's Crowning Achievements".

This is one of those albums I'd look at in the record bin at the U-Store, and try to decide whether it was worth my hard-earned $. I mean, Rick Wakeman! Journey to the Center of the Earth! Budgets for kids weren't what they are today. I never did. I bought the latest Elton John instead.

Later: Listening to it now, it's sort of like Peter and the Wolf for hippies.

Reuters: U.S. gun lobby slams anti-gun 'elites' after Florida school massacre.

Oh, waaaa-waaaa-waaaa. Bawling like babies. What elites? All I've seen is kids. Think that we'll be safe with everyone packing? Let me drive you to Cimarron, New Mexico. To the graveyard. What's left of those who lived here in the days of the "Wild West." They shot men. They shot women. They shot children. For heaven's sake, they even shot the town PREACHER.

Tell me how 'more guns' is better. Better yet, show me how it will be different than the real-world example of Cimarron.

Guardian.UK: Trump's solution to school shootings: arm teachers with guns.

Jesus Christ, he listens to Newt. Most of these shooters haven't been outside forces, they've been students. Students will know which teachers are carrying. Students notice everything. Disgrunted student then targets a carrying teacher (when they're not looking), and then starts their rampage. Nothing changes. But you now have a class of teacher who is a big freaking target; the risk is huge. I advise them to make a will and get very expensive life insurance.