naked cap: The American Healthcare System Shows Why We Can’t Trust Free Market Spin Doctors.

Because the biggest savings associated with single-payer come from reduced payments to service providers, the switch would require American doctors and administrators to work for significantly less than they currently earn. But how painful would those sacrifices be?

Many I know went into healthcare to help people, not necessarily to feather their nests. If the overall emphasis changes from the current model, would not the former make for better healthcare? I constantly hear physicians complaining about how things are currently, the lack of time to diagnose patients properly, the excessive electronic records documentation to collect insurance billings, etc.  It points strongly (to me) that they'd like to simply do their jobs and return to their domiciles at the end of a workday with feelings of accomplishment.

From the DM! archives ... 2000.

A history of medicine.

2000 b.c. - "Here, eat this root."

1000 a.d. - "That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer."

1850 a.d. - "That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion."

1920 a.d. - "That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill."

1945 a.d. - "That pill is ineffective. Here, take this penicillin."

1955 a.d. - "Oops ... mutation. Here, take this tetracycline."

1960 to 1999 a.d. - Thirty-nine more mutations. "Here, take this more powerful antibiotic."

2000 a.d. - The bugs have won. "Here, eat this root."

Anonymous, quoted in "Overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance", World Health Report on Infectious Disease, 2000.

Ars Technica: Two months of daily GTA causes “no significant changes” in behavior.

Don't know why I bother to comment. Some want to use narrowly-focused, ill-aimed science to excuse guilty pleasures.

I'm done with this one, until science crafts a proper study. These were all well-adjusted adults. Not the demographic we see in mass shootings or expressions of armed rage. Noone I see claims these young men were created by violent gaming; it was a single factor in a multifarious confluence of factors. It surely didn't help their psychoses.

Correction: Only idiot politicians believe video games take an innocent and make them violent.

I say artificially created violence traumatizes some, energizes some, ennervates some. I've seen all three effects in my 58 years of life.

Not a study (yet) has the subtlety to tell the difference. Until I see what I routinely observe in the real world, this is just poking around the outskirts of the issue, as if afraid to delve too deep.

You're welcome to disagree; I just know what I see, have experienced.

Serious shade?

Since Chris Cornell passed, the Spotify playlist of his work "This is: Chris Cornell" has seen heavy rotation here in the studio. I couldn't have survived the last few months without him (bummer that I only truly appreciated him after he was gone). They periodically update the listing with tracks as they rise in popularity.

Well, lately there's been backchannel talk about Cornell's marriage, that these factors might have played into his suicide.

Listen to what Spotify put first in the queue.

Or am I reading into the lyrical terrain too deeply?

WaPo: T. Berry Brazelton, pediatrician who soothed generations of parents, dies at 99.

T. Berry was the real deal; he was changing the bedrock of child/parent relationships. My mother got to meet him in person, enjoyed every second. Didn't go as far as James Hillman, philosophy-wise (my favorite Jungian), but he got close. He understood and agreed with our philosophy that adopted children should not be cut bodily away from their birth families, that new structures need to be created to accommodate the child's needs first.

RIP, good sir. Kids who do not know you, significantly benefitted from your work.

Futurism: Airplane Noise Can Be Reduced With a Simple Solution.

Oh, come on. No dB? And you call yourselves a science+tech site? If it's only a few dB over a longer period of time, I wouldn't be a fan. dB is logarithmic in nature - 10db generally doubles your loudness. The road in front of my house went from 60 to 70db after repaving using 'moneysaving' chipseal (which actually should not be used in a community for this purpose).

Doesn't sound like much on paper, but in reality, it's now near-deafening on busy mornings when I'm out watering trees.

Personal observation: Sugar content in yogurts.

I have been enjoying Siggi's yogurts of late. High protein, low sugar, that lovely real yogurt sourness. I don't think I can ever go back to 'regular' yogurt again. I needed a quick lunch, the local store was out of Siggi's, so I picked up a Chobani. 1/3 more sugar. Holy hell. That's a lot of sweet. And Chobani is lower than many others.

I just cannot do the whole 'sugar as cheap filler' foods anymore.