Public Books: Gun Studies Syllabus.

Well, if we want to have a clear picture of all the issues, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to start. Week 2 especially interests me. I've read most of these over time, but could sure use refreshing the old grey matter with this particular focus in mind.

Bookmark this one. You'll need it when the next mass shooting happens (and I'm terribly sad to have to say that).

TLS: Hands Off – Is the ‘antiquated skill’ of handwriting about to die?

Trubek foresees a time in the US when those for whom writing by hand is a painful chore will be liberated from its tyranny and when no one need be judged by the quality of their script.

I suspect learning to write by hand well has significant benefits for general thinking and concentration, much as bodyweight pullups have physical benefits that go far beyond just the latissimus dorsi. It will be a sad day when handwriting gets replaced with the jiggery-pokery of typing on mobile devices.

The Register.UK: Parents blame brats' slipping school grades on crap internet speeds.

The most popular devices for doing homework online included laptops (61 per cent), tablets (54 per cent) mobile phones (37 per cent), followed by games consoles and smart TVs (both 11 per cent). Hmmmm.

And politicians guide their platforms by this kind of dreck, via interpretation through ideological specs. "BOOKS!" I feel like shouting.

Later: Finland trials teaching assistant robots.

Inside Higher Ed: Cooper Union plans to restore free undergraduate tuition in a decade.

During their 'free tuition' period in the 80's and 90's, the assistants I would hire who had CU backgrounds were all of very high quality. Even compared to Parsons, Pratt, FIT or Manhattan Institute of Tech.

Just goes to show. Affluence has no relationship to actual talent.

Slate: David Brooks, Times conservatives obsess over “intolerant” campus left.

Explain to me why any college should let a card-carrying white supremacist or Nazi speak. "Open to other viewpoints" is not a valid argument - we defeated these people. These are philosophies that have been proven bankrupt and backward-looking.

But if you must, set up the stage as they did in The Blues Brothers. Heavy steel mesh. To expect any other sort of reception is criminal ignorance.

The Right is just extending their attack on education. The same old talking points, now broadcast en long en large by a tag-team.

For shame, Times. This is not being open to opposing opinions. This is sensationalist clickbait at its worst, and will harm America. So says the blogger who's been purposely avoiding Brooks since 2003.