Motherboard: Why the PDF Is Secretly the World's Most Important File Format.

And what they say in the article is true. Tax forms were the Trojan Horse that allowed even me to convince reluctant clients to use the format. "The IRS does it, certainly you can."

Yet that doesn't change the fact that Acrobat is one of the more maddening programs out there. Right up with Powerpoint.

Apple Insider: Hands on - Writing blogs on the Mac with the new MarsEdit 4.

If there's one thing I miss from blogging with Expression Engine, it's using MarsEdit. Squarespace used to work with it, and then changed APIs. So sadly I cannot use it at present. But MarsEdit remains a favorite app. A little old-school, perhaps, but once you start using it, it beats the hell out of waiting for databases and server site-load lag.

Code Without Rules: Only code at work? That doesn’t make you a worse programmer.

This is like the argument against Liberal Arts degrees. Monomaniacs don't necessarily do well, and markets turn against specializations rather brutally at times.

Then again, I try to imagine the truck driver who goes home and decides he wants to drive his pickup around all weekend before he gets back out on the road on Monday.

Does it make him better or sharper? Or just deplete a finite resource?

I have an unshakeable belief that time away from work brings better results. So many times I'll have an intractable problem in code, and getting away allows my subconscious to keep chugging, figuring out an elegant solution that I bring back to my desk later.