FiveThirtyEight: Election Update ... The FBI Is Back — This Time With Anthony Weiner.

Almost all the tightening is happening because Trump’s numbers have improved. Clinton’s share of the vote — about 46 percent in national polls — is still as high as it’s been all campaign. But Trump seems to have brought home some Republicans who were thinking about sitting out the election or voting for a third-party candidate.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, the ACA's new rates come out November 1. Fresh fodder for the opposition, just at the right time. Hillary, get off your Democratic donkey and get ahead of it. You think the recent news media articles, spouting Administration policy, that align themselves with DNC strategy, have insulated you. They haven't. This turns into a back-pocket election, you're doomed to one of the most devastating losses in history. Emails are off in the ozone, whereas costing us more money on a monthly basis is *tangible* and will affect a person's vote. And don't give us the 'buy into Medicaid' BS. I read the fine print on that one - that $600 was in 2009 dollars - work that out for today, you're looking at $1200/month. You're more vulnerable than you realize. You don't want to lose those election-day swings.