In These Times: While Democrats Call for Gun Control at Home, They Push Deadly Arms Deals Abroad.

As we have seen time and time and time again, U.S. arms shipments to Libya and Syria have “fallen into the hands” of jihadists groups. Even setting aside the billions of dollars in bombs and fighter jets the United States sells to human-rights abusing countries, the flooding of arms into warzones, regardless of how noble the intentions may be, frequently ends up fueling groups the U.S. State Department itself deems “terrorists.”

Covering old ground again! I'm getting terribly tired of pointing out that since Gulf War I, our military-industrial complex has been too gleeful with weapons sales, to a level not seen in previous decades. Look at anyone branded as 'terrorist' in the news, and they're more likely today to be carrying an American-made weapon than ever before. Used to be all you saw was old Mosin-Nagants and AK-47's. Now you see way too many AR-15 variants. Ever thought about it? You should.