The Cut: Isabella Rossellini Will Reappear in Lancôme Ads This Year.

And here I was just talking with a friend, about how youth-oriented most of the online world is. I was mentioning how many conceptual women photographers have disappeared, because age has robbed them of their vital traffic-attractant. But this! I applaud this. In fact, I will stand up right now and applaud. There's noone here to hear it, but I still think it matters. You still look great, Ms Rossellini.

[Note, these images are taken by my current obsession, Peter Lindbergh, who actually prefers to capture women without makeup. Usually in B/W. Seeing his work makes me want to either 1) shoot until I equal his prowess or 2) crawl under a rock and give up. Depending on the day. I just need more willing models who won't get bored while I noodle with lighting, poses and setting.]

Inside Higher Ed: Cooper Union plans to restore free undergraduate tuition in a decade.

During their 'free tuition' period in the 80's and 90's, the assistants I would hire who had CU backgrounds were all of very high quality. Even compared to Parsons, Pratt, FIT or Manhattan Institute of Tech.

Just goes to show. Affluence has no relationship to actual talent.

Guardian.UK: Complete fiction - why 'the short story renaissance' is a myth.

Like any art form the short story needs attention, of course that’s true; but if you really care about it then please, don’t call it a comeback.

Good luck with that - I just saw a news org call AOL a 'classic'. I love the form of short story, and to say it is seeing a resurgence makes sense, as attention-spans drop. Perhaps we bring back the episodic Dumas model?

Nice Marmot: Buggering on ...

I never got on with "Wrinkle." But YA - what about Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat series? I got a whole lot of enjoyment from those in early high school. Originally written more than ten years before I got to 'em. '61, I think. "Slippery Jim" diGriz. Fond memories. Haven't reread them since. Next zoom to the local library, I'll check to see if they have 'em - though I'll want to scan them first. Some things should be left in childhood, so as not to ruin the memories.