Valet.: Three Common Bag Mistakes to Avoid.

I have the Handmadecraft briefcase. I carry my 15" Macbook in it, along with: a) a plastic lazy susan, for meeting with people at conference tables; b) optional Magic Mouse if the trackpad gets up my nose; c) recharger cable curled in a bag; d) Rhodia Dotpad No. 19, Rhodia graph paper 8x8" notebook (labelled for the particular client), various fountain/ballpoint pens and 0.9mm mechanical pencil (that size never breaks); e) a selection of protein bars; f) optional long USB cable for tethering to my camera(s).

My quick review: It's OK. The leather's thin, but I've abused mine for about a year now and it still looks roughly like it did when I bought it. The snaps are difficult to snap with gear inside. The outside pockets are all but useless; Ostensibly one is supposed to fit a cellphone, but if you're not carrying a small 2000-era flip phone, don't even try.

It carries what I need, for the car-to-coffee-shop walks, and looks appropriately weathered. The strap is long enough for across-the-body use, but not very comfy. If you're going to walk any distance, get a better pad for the top of your shoulder.

Conclusion: More 'hip' than the nylon competition.

Dazed: A self-driving Uber car has killed someone.

As the New York Times reports, the car was in autonomous mode when it struck the woman who was crossing the road. She was taken to hospital where she died from her injuries. A human safety driver was behind the wheel.

Obviously, some bugs need to be worked out. These autonomous driving companies really should be pooling info, if human lives are at risk, don't you think? Open source it. I know, I know ... competition, trade secrets ... but someone's died. How much corporate profit is worth even a single life?

Recode: The online mattress industry promised a more honest shopping experience. We may have gotten the opposite instead.

I've been sort of wondering why the cheap-to-manufacture foam mattress market seems to have exploded. I suppose it's another cycle of Napster-ization; mattresses are now disposables.

For your health's sake, beware plastic extruded foam. As those things offgas, it's pretty horrible; anyone who is chemically sensitive will have issues. Especially small children. If you don't have rodents in your area (or even if you do), stick it out on your roof for a day or three.

City Journal: The Architectural Sacking of Paris.

Like so much else written about new architecture, this is nonsense.

Count me as opposition. Look at Philadelphia; tradition prevented any firm from constructing towers taller than William Penn's statue on their City Hall. If one believes skyscrapers make a city, Philly is now a city. But what it has lost ... I am a traditionalist. Would you go to see the Eiffel Tower if it were dwarfed by 'starchitect' constructs? The visual cacophony is pervasive, once you let the hounds loose.

Bloomberg: VW Just Gave Tesla a $25 Billion Battery Shock.

(Autoplay video warning.) Read this, and then check Tesla stock (already trending down). Tesla has to perform to high levels between now and the end of summer for much of their financing - or else find new funding sources. Harder with this move from VW. Expect more sensationalism from Musk over the next month or three.

Fubiz: Gorgeous Classic Cars Parked in Garages and Ateliers.

Lest you think these are literal representations, these have been put under multiple lights, and very careful Photoshop combining has been performed.

You have to really love automotive sculpture to do this kind of work. What you highlight is as important as what you don't, when it comes to form and function in car design.

Mine are always done at events; varied lighting and backgrounds. You make chicken salad out of what circumstances give you. But the ethic is the same - capture the essence of the design. I just have to do it way too fast.

Photoshelter Blog: It's a Wrap! Comparing the Domke and Tenba Camera Wraps.

Lately, camera bag manufacturers have been on an insane spree of redesigning, raising prices. Yet few actually seem to use these things in real-world situations (except on buff young immortals who seem to employ them within spitting distance of stylish SUVs). I want a substantial waist belt! I loved the Kata Revolver8, which was incredibly brilliant ... a rotating device within that allowed quick access to every lens in your arsenal from one small flap on the side ... except for thin, barely-padded shoulder straps and a joke of a belt. After eight hours of shooting Concorso, I felt an Inquisitioner would have adored that pack. The tops of my collarbones, the tops of my hips were abraded raw. If I could have bought one, ripped out and resewn the offending straps and belt before Manfrotto bought the brand and subsumed the model, I would have.

Lately I've been stuffing my lenses in thick socks and shoving them in a well-belted, properly shoulder-strapped Osprey pack ... socks aren't perfect, but they work in a pinch. Osprey has the best suspensions of anyone out there. IMHO.

TL;DR ... I'll pick up a few of these.