Motherboard: Why the PDF Is Secretly the World's Most Important File Format.

And what they say in the article is true. Tax forms were the Trojan Horse that allowed even me to convince reluctant clients to use the format. "The IRS does it, certainly you can."

Yet that doesn't change the fact that Acrobat is one of the more maddening programs out there. Right up with Powerpoint.

BBEdit 12; surprised.

BBEdit is one of those programs I automatically update whenever a new paid version comes out. It's like the Mac text Swiss Army Knife.

This time, however, I've encountered some strange behavior. It's a bit slow to open, slow to paint the various panes. When it quits, it closes the document first, and then hangs on the interface for about 10 seconds. Maybe this is the 'new normal' ... maybe it's my mid-2011 iMac (the SSD should mitigate such things) ... upon reopening, it occasionally will not display my document (with document pane open) correctly.

My surprise is just that BBEdit is always rock-solid, 'ten feet tall and bulletproof'. This time, it doesn't feel that way. YMMV. If BB is your primary editor, you might want to keep the 11 around in case you run into the same thing. For the first time in my Mac life, I'm actually considering looking around for a new 'default.'