The Outline: When conspiracy theories become weaponized.

According to Q, Mueller’s investigation is really all about Clinton and Obama, who — in addition to being BFFs with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and, of course, ISIS — are also the leaders of a global child-sex-trafficking and torture ring, while still somehow finding the time to both lead the insanity known as “Operation Mockingbird” (with CIA operative Anderson Cooper) and feast on human adrenal glands, because why not?

Someone's purposely playing the idiots. Before I opened this, I could have guessed something like monkey glands were involved. Reminds me of a classic Bloom County: "Senator Bedfellow, would you care to comment on whether you sunk Jimmy Hoffa in your pond?" "Of course not!" Headline: "Bedfellow Denies Hiding Hoffa's Body." Bizarro world. Denials are confirmations. Innuendo is fact. I couldn't live that way. Surprised anyone can. But some folk have way, way, WAY too much time on their hands.

Vox: The selfie epidemic is driving people to get nose jobs.

It's the wide-angle lenses. Anyone getting a nose job to please a smartphone is a complete and total idiot. Get someone else to take the photo for you. Another 12" can make all the difference. Or one of those fiddly selfie-sticks. Anything to get that smartphone out of your face for some real perspective.

naked cap: Highly Experienced Physicians Leaving Medicine Due to Electronic Medical Records.

I have a close relative, who was not exactly low-profile in medical circles, who retired unwillingly just for this reason.

To put it bluntly, in many industries you really can't beat pencil and paper. Even today. If anyone took a really close look at the costs of hardware, software, training, bug-quashing, etc., you'd find pencil, paper and filing cabinets much more efficient and economical.

Political Wire: Russians Got Thousands to RSVP for Phony Events.

Because ... the right-wing media machine has their audience convinced that Russians have America's best interests at heart, and American Democrats have the destruction of our country seared in their chests.

Cold, cynical, calculated plays on ignorance, magnified by years of attacks on public education across the nation.

Russians before fellow Americans. Really. After the GOP has spent decades demonizing communism and socialism, and everything to do with that country to the east of Poland.

I never imagined such an outcome, ever. I have to say it, the 24/7 news cycle and the internet have both made moving masses of people to accept BS incredibly simple. Fact is, you don't need IEDs or to hijack airliners anymore - you just need Facebook and a roomful of young hackers to bring down a Western democracy.

Guardian.UK: Venue of last resort — the climate lawsuits threatening the future of big oil.

Why the Right is attacking - and replacing - the judiciary. Be sure to ask yourself, is an 'originalist' view actually judicial activism? Remember that slavery was still around when the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were set up. Still want that 'originalist' view? Imposing originalist views on jurisprudence is like imposing them on medicine. They were still using bloodletting back then - Benjamin Rush even promoted bleeding up to 4/5ths of the body's blood supply. Which would you have, 200 years of innovation, or an 'originalist' view of medicine?

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