Public Books: Gun Studies Syllabus.

Well, if we want to have a clear picture of all the issues, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to start. Week 2 especially interests me. I've read most of these over time, but could sure use refreshing the old grey matter with this particular focus in mind.

Bookmark this one. You'll need it when the next mass shooting happens (and I'm terribly sad to have to say that).

Sen. Tim Scott: Bump stock ban “would fly through Congress”.

Media, stop reporting on this without context. You know as well as I do - and I've been hitting this frequently - Republicans want to throw bump stocks under the bus to show they're 'doing something'. Bump stocks are the mere hangnail of the firearm regulation/2nd Amendment issue.

Shame on the lefties who will drop talking about gun control in the aftermath of a bump stock ban. Keep pushing. You cannot let the Right use this as some sort of positive vibe for '18. This is more a clear signal of their intransigence, than their empathy.

naked cap: Is It Time to Delete Facebook?

Facebook in particular is a social media way of harnessing interpersonal linkages through the net. Its model must be using those links and the information they generate to create value for advertisers. Any user of Facebook (or Amazon) can easily see how fast browsers insert ads related to one’s most recent searches. So it becomes manifestly clear that these companies are tracking us for common advertising purposes.

Much to ponder in this article. I don't necessarily agree with the dampening of 'techno-optimism' in the last sentence, but stew a while over the rest.

In the above quote, it's the "must" that bugs me. Why don't we know? There needs to be some watchdog function to make sure our data isn't being overgathered, oversold, overanalyzed and misused. 

If our only method of controlling our own interests is by opting out, well ... eventually we'll opt out. We need this theorized "New Deal on Data." It'll cost social orgs $. But for an ad-free, untracked experience, I'd happily pay a monthly fee. And I know I'm not alone.