NY Times: Judges Find Wisconsin Redistricting Unfairly Favored Republicans.

Were the Supreme Court to hear the case, the effect could be profound, regardless of the decision. Republicans have more than doubled their control of state legislatures since 2010, and with gains from this month’s election they now control both legislative chambers in a record 32 states — 33 if Nebraska, which has a nominally nonpartisan, unicameral legislature, is included.

This is what makes me crazy. We lost SO BIG. And the Clinton campaign, the DNC, never communicated how big the potential loss would be. Where are we now? All branches of Government, red. 36 states. 32 state legislatures. Those who control the state legislatures, as I've said before, control the gerrymander. If we don't fight back hard at the local level, organizing NOW, we'll be faced with permanent Republican rule (which they've dreamed of since the New Deal). This was a huge, future-deciding election that was ineptly handled by the Democratic leadership. The glass ceiling was a very small matter, compared to the scope of the impending disaster. No offense, ladies, but look where we are now. The hubris was overwhelming in magnitude, hiding the paucity of real platform appeal. No pit. If we don't judge the mistakes clearly, we have no chance to correct them.

Dump the DLC New Democrats. New blood. Big tent. New thinking. YESTERDAY, or before. And DNC, admirable as Keith Ellison is, he's the wrong choice for today. Sure, he makes a statement about inclusiveness. Heartland isn't listening. Choose Ellison, you've lost 2018 before you've even started. He's a young man, he can try again later on. Clinton was wrong, Ellison is wrong. Don't pile mistake on mistake. Remember your intended audience. They don't want you telling them how to feel.